“Octopussy and The Living Daylights”: Danish first edition (1966)



100.000 er budt – James Bond (1967)

Ian Fleming

Danish first edition
Octopussy and The Living Daylights (Jonathan Cape 1966)
Publisher: Skrifola (Lommeromanen no. 451)
Translator: Rita Damm
Cover design: 

Ian Fleming's fourteenth James Bond book (his second collection of short stories) was the fourteenth to be published in Danish.

The short story "Snigskytten" (The Living Daylights) was reprinted separately in Danish as part of the anthology "Kisten og andre historier om gys og giftmord" (Lademann 1970).

Contains the short stories:
"Var det selvmord?" [= Was it suicide?] (Octopussy)
"100.000 er budt" [= The bid is 100.000] (The Property of a Lady)
"Snigskytten" [= The sniper] (The Living Daylights)

Later editions:
● Octopussy (Rosenkilde & Bahnhof 2014) - includes the short story "007 i New York" (007 in New York)

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