James Bond Agent 007 no. 4: “Dr. No” (1965)


JB007 DK nr 4

Author: Peter O'Donnell (uncredited) base on Ian Fleming's novel "Dr. No" (1958)
Artist: John McLusky (uncredited)
Publisher: A/S Interpresse
Editor: N/A
Cover art: Jordi Penalva
Format: 52 pages
Publishing date: 1965
First published in the UK: Daily Express 23.05.1960-01.10.1960
Danish reprints: None

"Doktor No" (39 pages - newspaper strips reformatted to 17x26 cm magazine format)
"James Bonds fjender: SMERSH" (1 page text excerpt from Ian Fleming's "Casino Royal" [sic])
"Knockout” (9 page comic by Bardon Studios)
B&" photo of Sean Connery on the set of "Woman of Straw" (1 page)
Back cover: color photo of Sean Connery and Gert Fröbe in "Goldfinger" (1 page)

NOTE: Dell Publishing's movie adaptation of "Dr. No" by Norman Nodel was published in Danish as "Detektiv-Serien nr. 6" by International Productions in 1963.

Front page scan courtesy of Carsten Olsen


  1. Andrea says:

    I have about 20 individual copies of the these. My father, lately deceased was a script writer for this magazine. Jack Sutter.

    • Brie says:

      Hi Andrea, thank you for your comment. I am sorry to hear about your father’s passing. Our presentation of the Danish James Bond 007 comic books will eventually cover many of the stories that Jack Sutter wrote for the Scandinavian publisher SEMIC in the 1980s.
      Best, Brian

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