Month: August 2018

“Devil May Care”: Book review by Bo Green Jensen (2008)


In 2008, Penguin Books released the James Bond 007 continuation novel "Devil May Care" written by Sebastian Faulks "as Ian Fleming". Forum/Rosinante published the Danish edition, "I djævelens tjeneste", on May 28.

Renowned Danish writer and film critic Bo Green Jensen reviewed the English edition for the OMEGA Lifetime Magazine no. 3/2008 ("The James Bond Edition"):

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“From Russia with Love”: Danish VHS rental cover (1986)

In 1983 Warner Home Video began releasing the James Bond 007 films on rental video (VHS) in Danmark through local distributor Metronome Video A/S.

The VHS cover below is for the first Danish rental of "From Russia with Love" (EON 1963) which was released in 1986. The front cover is adapted from Boris Grinsson's artwork for the French one-sheet theatrical poster.

Danish release poster for "From Russia With Love" (1963)
Danish re-release poster for "From Russia With Love" (yellow spot colour, 1970's)
Danish re-release poster for "From Russia With Love" (b&w, 1980's)

FRWL DK VHS cover 1986

Scan courtesy of Hans-Jørn Reimer.