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“GoldenEye”: PR stunts in Copenhagen (1996)


In 1996 the citizens of Copenhagen, Denmark, were treated to a brief stunt show at the City Hall Square as part of the promotion for the Danish video release of "GoldenEye".

British stunt man and former SAS soldier Terry Forrestal (1948-2000) worked on six James Bond films: "Moonraker", "Octopussy", "Never Say Never Again", "A View to a Kill", "GoldenEye" and "The World is Not Enough". He also contributed to the Danish action thriller "Operation Cobra" in 1995. That film's director, stunt coordinator Lasse Spang Olsen, helped arrange the Copenhagen stunt show where Forrestal jumped from the Palace Hotel balcony and onto an airbag. Nicolas Barbano captured the stunt with his camera:

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“GoldenEye”: Video report from the Danish gala premiere (TV 2 1996)

The 24 January 1996 edition of the youth programme SuperPuls on Danish network TV 2 covered the Danish gala premiere of "GoldenEye" which took place at Copenhagen's Imperial Cinema on January 11.

The video is mostly in Danish although host Tina Bilsbo is seen interviewing Pierce Brosnan (James Bond 007) on the red carpet. The clip also features interview snippets with Brosnan, composer Eric Serra and singer Tina Turner from the "GoldenEye" EPK (Electronic Press Kit). These are in English with Danish subtitles.

The clip is sourced from a VHS taping which explains the poor image quality.

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“GoldenEye”: Izabella Scorupco – Danish TV interview (“I biffen” 1996)

Prior to the Danish theatrical release of "GoldenEye" in January 1996, Polish-Swedish actress Izabella Scorupco (who played Natalya Simonova in the EON film) was interviewed by Bo Larsen for the syndicated film programme "I biffen".

In the interview, Izabella Scorupco gives her definition of a Bond girl for the 1990's. She talks about her childhood toys and dreams and the lack of gender equality in modern society (still a topical subject today!).

The interview was sourced and edited from a VHS recording off local station TV Fynboen. Except from a brief introduction in Swedish, the segment is in English with Danish subtitles.

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“GoldenEye”: Pierce Brosnan interviewed on Danish TV (1996)

"Navnet er ... James Bond" (DR1 25.01.1996)

In this rarely seen TV special from 1996, journalist Elisabeth Wille meets a remarkably candid Pierce Brosnan at the Hotel d'Angleterre in Copenhagen during the actor's Danish press tour for "GoldenEye".

Pierce Brosnan is so unguarded in this lengthy chat that he even agrees to say the famous line on camera: "The name is Bond ... James Bond" (which is also the show's title in Danish).

The 14 ½ minute programme is in English with Danish subtitles. It was originally shown 25 January 1996 on DR1 (Danish national television). This version is a VHS rip.

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“GoldenEye”: Potato chips from Estrella (1995)


"You know the quality. You know the taste."

With this slightly awkward spin on the "GoldenEye" tagline, the company Estrella A/S launched these GOLDENEYE CHIPS on the Danish market in 1996: 

GoldenEye Chips Estrella 1996 (front)

The packaging proudly stated that these potato crisps were in fact "recommended by James Bond 007". A highly dubious claim, given the four flavour enhancers and artificial meat flavouring (!?) found among the ingredients.

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