“007 News”: Newsletters from the Danish James Bond fan club (1984-85)

It may seem unlikely, but for a short period at the beginning of the 1980s, two James Bond 007 fan clubs existed in our tiny kingdom of Denmark: "Danish James Bond Club", established in Odense on Funen by Peter Jensen, and "James Bond 007 Fan Club Denmark", which was managed from Vejle in Jutland by Johnny Eskildsen and Jørgen Bøttcher.

In the very last issue of the comic magazine James Bond, no. 7 published in November 1984, it was announced that the Jutland club had taken over the activities of the Funen competitor with effect from June 1984. This brought the number of members of James Bond 007 Fan Club Denmark to more than 100 Danish fans.

The annual fee of DKK 50 included a membership card and club diploma, the magazine Agent 007 which was to be published every three months, and the photocopied newsletter 007 NEWS. Three of the first four newsletters that the fan club in Vejle sent out between June 1984 and May 1985 are pictured below. The editorial staff of 007 NEWS consisted of editor Jørgen Bøttcher as well as Johnny Eskildsen, Peter Jensen, Morten Kaae, Per B. Nielsen and Ulrik Nielsen.

007 NEWS nr 1 (A) 007 NEWS nr 1 (B)

007 NEWS nr 2 (A) 007 NEWS nr 2 (B)

007 NEWS nr 4 (A) 007 NEWS nr 4 (B)

Thanks to Lene Bøttcher.

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