Month: June 2016

“Shaken Not Stirred”: Flyer for The Royal Danish Ballet (2001)

From 19 to 25 May 2001, The Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen performed three contemporary ballet choreographies as an end of season show called "Shaken Not Stirred".

The flyer, pictured below, was heavily influenced by the James Bond films, as was the third and final part of the performance, entitled "Off the Record". Artistic director Aage Thordal-Christensen choreographed this "highly dramatic and strongly sensual dance inspired by 70's spy thrillers".

The use of original music scores from EON Productions' film franchise was nixed due to rights issues. Instead, Norwegian-Danish DJ duo Ben Horn (Mikkas and Lars B) put together a suite of "classical music with elements of new electronic genres such as electronica, two-step and drum'n' bass".

Kgl Ballet Shaken Not Stirred 2001

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“Colonel Sun”: Danish first edition (1968)



Døden har dragetænder (1968)

Robert Markham (= Kingsley Amis)

Danish first edition
Colonel Sun (Jonathan Cape 1968)
Publisher: Lademann Forlagsaktieselskab (Unions kriminalbibliotek)
Translator: Leif Tronholm
Produced by Sture Jensen
Cover art: Tom Adams (uncredited)

NOTE: The Danish title translates literally as "Death has dragons' teeth".

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James Bond Agent 007 no. 5: “From Russia with Love” (1966)


James Bond Agent 007 nr. 5 (1966)

Author: Henry Gammidge (uncredited) after Ian Fleming's novel "From Russia With Love" (1957)
Artist: John McLusky (uncredited)
Published: A/S Interpresse
Editor: K. Jespersen
Cover artist: (uncredited)
Format: 52 pages
Publishing date: 1966
First published in the UK: Daily Express 03.02.-21.05.1960
Danish reprint: James Bond 007 no. 59 (1981)

"Agent 007 jages"/"From Russia with Love" (30 pages - newspaper stripts reformatted to 17x26 cm magazine format)
"Roy Allen: Den forgiftede kat" [Roy Allen: The Poisoned Cat] (8 pages)
"Tilbage i tiden" [Back in Time] (6 pages)
James Bonds fjender: Red Grant [James Bond's enemies] (1 page text excerpt from Ian Fleming's "From Russia with Love")
Back cover: color photo of Sean Connery and Claudine Auger in "Thunderball" (1 page)

NB: The cover art was reused for the Danish James Bond Agent 007 no. 42 (1977).

Front page scan courtesy of Tom Andersen

Danish TV interview with Sean Connery (1994)

63-year-old Sean Connery reminisces about his tenure as James Bond 007 during an interview with Danish journalist Helle Retbøll Carl in 1994. The segment also includes footage from a press conference for "Rising Sun" (1993) with Sean Connery further discussing his view of the Bond films.

The clip is in English, with Danish subtitles.

Originally shown as part of the TV special "Sean Connery: Den skotske løve" [The Scottish lion] on Danish national television (DR1) in 1994.