“The Living Daylights”: Short story artwork by Povl Norholt (1970)

In 1970, Lademann published the hardcover anthology "Kisten og andre historier om gys og giftmord" [The Coffin and other stories about horror and murder by poison]", edited by Tage la Cour. Among the 23 thriller stories included in the book was Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 short story "The Living Daylights" [Danish title: "Snigskytten"/The Sniper], reprinted in Rita Damm's translation from "100,000 er budt - James Bond" (Skrifola 1967).

For this edition of "The Living Daylights", the artist Povl Norholt (1908-1993) provided three exclusive illustrations. In addition to being the father of the actress Kirsten Norholt, Povl Norholt was in 1943 one of the founders of the still-running soft-core humor magazine Hudibras. The other illustrators who contributed to the anthology were Mads Stage, Thormod Kidde, Alex Secher, Palle Pio, Henry Thelander, Paul Høyrup, Eiler Krag, Des Asmussen and David Jarvis.

Kisten s 149 illu
The back cover blurb reads:
"These 23 exciting stories all revolve around the themes of horror and murder by poison. It's a powerful cocktail, mixed by the masterful Tage la Cour with ingredients not for the faint-hearted. Some of the stories are macabre and grotesque, others are humorous or have a surprising conclusion. But none of the stories are tame or boring. A number of well-known Danish cartoonists have dripped their brushes in arsenic and their illustrations enhance the effect of the exquisite crime cocktail."

Kisten s 138.jpg

Kisten s 143

Kisten s 147

Kisten s 149

Front cover without dust jacket:

Kisten forside uden smudsbind

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