“On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”: Danish first edition (1965)


ohmss skrifola paperback for

Spillet er ude, James Bond (1965)

Ian Fleming

Danish first edition
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Jonathan Cape 1963)
Publisher: Skrifola (Lommeromanen no. 356)
Translator: Rita Damm

Ian Fleming's eleventh James Bond novel was the ninth to be published in Danish. The title translates as "The game is up, James Bond".

Note: Rita Damm's Danish translation is heavily abridged, although the cover and masthead fail to mention this. Claus Johansen's retranslation from 2002, published by Forum as "I Hendes Majestæts hemmelige tjeneste", is the only complete version of Ian Fleming's text in Danish.

Later editions:
● I Hendes Majestæts hemmelige tjeneste (Forlaget Forum 2002 - new translation)
● I Hendes Majestæts hemmelige tjeneste (Rosenkilde & Bahnhof 2014)

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