“My name is Bond … James Bond”: Danish first edition (2002)


Mit navn er Bond forside (2002)

Mit navn er Bond ... JAMES BOND (2002)

Ian Fleming

Edited by Simon Winder

Original: My name's Bond, James Bond: An Anthology from the Fiction of Ian Fleming (Allen Lane - The Penguin Press 2000)
Publisher: Forlaget Forum
Translator: Jette Røssell
Cover art and layout:
Janus René Andersen

In 2002, Danish publisher Forum reissued two of Ian Fleming's James Bond 007 novels, "Goldfinger" and "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", in new Danish translations. As a precursor to the reissues, Forum published this Danish first edition of Simon Winder's quote book "My Name's Bond, James Bond". All of the excerpts from Fleming's novel were newly translated for this edition by Jette Røssell, and because the quotes were pulled from the unabridged English editions, "Mit navn er Bond ... James Bond" in several cases presents the most complete Danish translations of Fleming's works to date.

The Danish edition also has a somewhat flawed postscript by Ole Knudsen which briefly summarizes the main contributors to each of the James Bond films.


Mit navn er Bond indhold (2002)

Back cover:

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