Young Bond 1: “SilverFin” (Danish first edition, 2006)


Silverfin forside, førsteudgave
Young Bond: SilverFin - et James Bond eventyr (2006)

Charlie Higson

Danish first edition paperback
SilverFin (Puffin Books 2005)
Publisher: Gyldendal
Publishing date: November 17, 2006
Translator: Erik Egholm
Editor: Sisterbrandt
Cover artist: Peter Dazeley

Note: Only the first two of the nine Young Bond novels to date have been translated into Danish – though, oddly enough, "SilverFin" and "Blood Fever" have each been published twice albeit in very different translations. This first edition of "SilverFin", published by Gyldendal, is faithfully translated from Charlie Higson's original whereas the language in the second edition by Stella Books is adapted for younger readers.

Later editions:
● Monsteret fra dybet - en James Bond krimi (Stella Bøger 2015)

Back cover:

Silverfin bagside, førsteudgave

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