Month: January 2016

“From Russia With Love”: Danish ad sheets (1963)

These are United Artists' original Danish ad sheets for "From Russia With Love" (EON Productions 1963). The duplex-printed A4 sheets were distributed to Danish cinema owners prior to the film's release in December 1963.

Note that the Danish Censor Board altered the rating from "gul" (yellow = 16 years and up) to "grøn" (green = 12 years and up).


“Thunderball”: Danish first edition (1962)


Thunderball Grafisk forlag 1961

Domino (1962)

Jan Fleming

Danish first edition
Thunderball (Jonathan Cape 1961)
Publisher: Grafisk forlag
Translator: Bengt Janus
Cover art: 
William (Petersen)

Ian Fleming's ninth James Bond novel was the sixth to be published in Danish.

The author's byline on the cover has been danicized into "Jan Fleming".

Later editions:
● Agent 007 i ilden ("G-bog" nr. 58, Grafisk forlag 1965)
● Agent 007 i ilden ("G-bog" nr. 58, Grafisk forlag 1967)
● Kodenavn Thunderball (Rosenkilde & Bahnhof 2014)

“Licence to Kill”: Danish souvenir programme (1989)

In July 1989, the Danish branch of UIP (United International Pictures) released this souvenir programme in triptych format to mark the Danish cinema release of "Licence to Kill". The programme was distributed for free in selected cinemas during the film's theatrical run.

The tagline translates as "James Bond - on his own - out for revenge".

LICENCE TO KILL DK-program front
Exterior (click to enlarge)

LICENCE TO KILL Danish programme 1989 back
Interior (click to enlarge)