“Moonraker”: Danish first edition (1960)


Moonraker (Grafisk forlag 1960) forside

Agent 007 (1960)

Jan Fleming

Danish first edition
Moonraker (Jonathan Cape 1955)
Publisher: Grafisk forlag
Translator: Grete Juel Jørgensen
Cover art: 
William Petersen

Ian Fleming's third James Bond novel, "Moonraker", was the fourth to be published in Danish. Adding to the confusion, the book was simply titled "Agent 007" in Denmark.

The author's byline on the cover has been danicized into "Jan Fleming". On the early editions from Grafisk forlag, the cover was coated with a film that unfortunately deteriorates with age, hence the faded blacks in the image above.

Later editions:
James Bond og Tordenkilen ("Lommeromanen" nr. 410, Skrifola 1966)
● Moonraker (Rosenkilde & Bahnhof 2014)

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