“Colonel Sun”: Danish first edition (1968)



Døden har dragetænder (1968)

Robert Markham (= Kingsley Amis)

Danish first edition
Colonel Sun (Jonathan Cape 1968)
Publisher: Lademann Forlagsaktieselskab (Unions kriminalbibliotek)
Translator: Leif Tronholm
Produced by Sture Jensen
Cover art: Tom Adams (uncredited)

NOTE: The Danish title translates literally as "Death has dragons' teeth".

"This image is a strange hybrid, both artistic and literary. The Bond story was commissioned by Jonathan Cape from Kingsley Amis, masquerading as Ian Fleming (after Fleming's death) under the pseudonym, Robert Markham. In the same spirit Tom Adams' cover painting masqueraded as Salvador Dali!"
(from tomadamsuncovered.co.uk)

The cover art by Tom Adams, originally made for the English wraparound dust jacket, is available as a 22 x 34 cm print from Tom Adams' official site:

Illustration: Tom Adams - tomadamsuncovered.co.uk/
Illustration: Tom Adams - tomadamsuncovered.co.uk
Danish dust jacket - illustration: Tom Adams
Danish dust jacket - illustration: Tom Adams
Danish paperback

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