Graphic novel: “Den komplette James Bond, bind 001” (2020)



Originaltitel: The James Bond Omnibus 001
Writer: Ian Fleming adapted by Anthony Hern, Henry Gammidge and Peter ODonnell
Artist: John McLusky
Publisher: Forlaget Fahrenheit
Art design: Christian Vang, Thomas Berger
Translators: Thomas Berger, Christian Vang, Paw Mathiasen
Format: 304 pages (23x19 cm)
Publishing date: December 8, 2020

This collection of the unabridged James Bond 007 comic strip runs from Daily Express 1958-1962 is based on "The James Bond Omnibus 001" published by Titan Books in the UK and US in 2009. The foreword by Sir Roger Moore has been replaced by a short introduction by the Danish publisher, Paw Mathiasen.

● Casino Royale (1958)
● Live and Let Die (1958-59)
● Moonraker (1959)
● Diamonds are Forever (1959-1960)
● From Russia With Love (1960)
● Dr. No (1960)
● Goldfinger (1960-61)
● Risico (1961)
● From a View to a Kill (1961)
● For Your Eyes Only (1961)
● Thunderball (1962)


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