“Møde med James Bond”: Souvenir magazine (1965)

"Møde med James Bond" forside
Møde med James Bond

Publisher: Forlaget I.K. A/S
Editor: N/A
Cover: Colour film still of Sean Connery as James Bond 007 and B&W stills from "Dr. No (1962)", "From Russia with Love" (1963) and "Goldfinger" (1964)
Format: 36 pages
Publishing date: 1965
Originally published in Sweden as "Träff med James Bond" (Williams Förlag AB, 1965)

In 1965, after the Danish theatrical release of EON's third James Bond 007 film "Goldfinger", the publishing firm Illustrerede Klassikere issued a 36 page one-off magazine called "Møde med James Bond" [Meeting James Bond]. The magazine includes lots of James Bond 007 film stills as well as features on the first three films in the series: "Agent 007 mission: drab" (Dr. No, 1962), "Agent 007 jages" (From Russia with Love, 1963) and "Agent 007 contra Goldfinger" (Goldfinger, 1964).

The contents of "Møde med James Bond" were translated from the Swedish publication "Träff med James Bond" issued by Williams Förlag AB. The anonymous translator did not bother to use the official Danish film titles but simply translated the Swedish film titles verbatim. Thus "Agent 007 mission: drab" [= Agent 007 mission: kill] is referred to "Agent 007 - med ret til at dræbe" [= Agent 007 - licenced to kill] while "Agent 007 jages" [= Agent 007 is hunted] appears as "Agent 007 ser rødt" [= Agent 007 sees red].

The concluding biography on Sean Connery states that the actor's Christian name is pronounced Sjarn in Danish and not See-Ann. According to the text, Connery in private is "a modest and kind person", and the Danish distributor of the Bond filmes hoped to persuade him into attending a subsequent film premiere: "Sean Connery has yet to visit Denmark".

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