“The Spy Who Loved Me”: Danish first edition hardcover (1965)


TSWLM 1965 forside

Jeg elskede James Bond (1965)

Ian Fleming

Danish first edition hardcover
The Spy Who Loved Me (Jonathan Cape 1962)
Publisher: Skrifola (Lommeromanen nr. 394)
Translator: Rita Damm
Cover art: 
United Artists & Rolf Müller (photo)

Ian Fleming's tenth James Bond novel was the 11th to be published in Danish. The title translates as "I loved James Bond".

See the Danish first edition paperback of "The Spy Who Loved Me"

Later editions:
● Spionen der elskede mig (Rosenkilde & Bahnhof 2014)

Dust jacket:

TSWLM 1965 hardcover

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