“Happy Anniversary 007”: Danish VHS cover (1991)

In 1991 the Danish mail order service James Bond Klubben [The James Bond club] offered a free VHS cassette, "Agent 007 James Bond 25 års jubilæums-kavalkade", as a welcome gift to new subscribers.

The video cassette featured the one hour special "Happy Anniversary, 007" which had host Roger Moore introducing clips from the first 14 films in EON Productions' James Bond 007 franchise. The special was originally broadcast on American TV network ABC 13 May 1987 to celebrate the 25-year anniversary of the EON film series and promote the upcoming theatrical release of EON's latest offering, "The Living Daylights".

"Agent 007 James Bond 25 års jubilæums-kavalkade" was previously issued on rental VHS in Denmark by Metronome Video. "Happy Anniversary, 007" was later included as a bonus feature on the Ultimate Edition DVD as well as the Blu-Ray release of "The Living Daylights".

For a monthly subscription fee of 128 DKK plus 29,50 DKK p&p, members of James Bond Klubben would receive a James Bond 007 film on VHS each month. At the time of launch, the service included the 16 Bond films produced by EON up until 1991 as well as the non-EON "Never Say Never Again" (1983).

A4 ad from Danish weekly "Familie Journal", January 1992

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