“Licence to Kill” novelization by John Gardner: Danish first edition (1989)



007 - med ret til at dræbe (1989)

John Gardner

Danish first edition
No. 1 of 7
Original title:
Licence to Kill (Coronet Books 1989)
Publisher: Winthers forlag A/S
Translator: Poul Arends
Cover design: Hostrup Film-Grafik with still photo by Keith Hamshere

As stated on the front page, "007 - med ret til at dræbe" (1989) is a novelization of Michael G. Wilson and Richard Maibaum's screenplay for "Licence to Kill", the 16th James Bond 007 film made by EON Productions.

This book marked the beginning of a short-lived run of John Gardner-penned Bond novels translated into Danish. Seven of Gardner's sixteen Bond books were published by Winthers forlag between 1989 and 1991.

Note: The Danish translator of Gardner's "Licence to Kill" inexplicably insists on misspelling Felix Leiter's name as Felix Leitner throughout the book.

007 - med ret til at dræbe (1989) - bagside


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