“The Living Daylights” (1987): From Denmark with Love


For "The Living Daylights" (1987), EON Productions set up a product placement deal with the Danish brewery group Carlsberg. A neon sign with the familiar green Carlsberg logo was featured prominently in the sequence where James Bond (Timothy Dalton) meets his contact Saunders (Thomas Wheatley) at the Prater Café in Vienna, only to witness him being killed in a runaway sliding door, rigged by the hitman Necros (Andreas Wiesniewski).
Time code (Blu-ray):  01:03:08-01:06:27

TLD Carlsberg screengrab 1 TLD Carlsberg screengrab 2 TLD Carlsberg screengrab 3

The Carlsberg insignia also appeared on a North American advance tie-in poster for "The Living Daylights" as well as a version of the theatrical poster made for the Hong Kong market. The product placement deal was concluded with the subsequent Bond film "Licence to Kill" (EON 1989) in which the logo appeared again. Carlsberg's first dalliance with the James Bond films happened as early as in 1964's "Goldfinger" in which five cans of Carlsberg beer could be seen in Jill Masterson's hotel fridge.

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