Roger Moore and the Crimefighters 5: “Death in Denims” (Danish first edition, 1980)


 Roger Moore og Krimipatruljen 5 forside

Roger Moore og Krimipatruljen 5: Døden går i cowboybukser (1980)

David Fleming (= Dulcie Gray)

Danish first edition
Original: Roger Moore and the Crimefighters – Death in Denims (Everest Books 1977)
Publisher: Grafisk Forlag
Publishing date: 1980
Translator: Vivi Berendt
Cover artist: Ernst Køhler
Layout: Birgit Lerstrup
Format: 112 pages, hardcover

In the fifth novel in the Crimefighters series – the last one to be published in Danish – Roger Moore appears on page 97 to 101, where the kids pay him a visit during a film shoot in the Denham Studios.

Roger Moore og Krimipatruljen 5 bagside

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