Young Bond 2: “Blood Fever” (first Danish edition, 2006)


Blodrus forside

Young Bond: Blodrus – et nyt nervepirrende James Bond eventyr (2006)

Charlie Higson

Danish first edition, paperback
Blood Fever (Puffin Books 2006)
Publisher: Gyldendal
Publishing date: November 17, 2006
Translator: Erik Egholm
Editors: Sisterbrandt
Cover: Peter Dazeley

Note: Only the first two Young Bond novels have been published in Danish. However, both "SilverFin" and "Blood Fever" have been re-issued and newly translated into Danish in a span of only six years.

Later editions:
● Den hemmelige loge - en James Bond krimi (Stella Bøger 2012)

Back cover:

Blodrus bagside

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