“The World is Not Enough” novelization (Danish paperback edition, 1999)



The World is Not Enough (1999)

Raymond Benson

Danish paperback edition
The World is Not Enough (Hodder & Stoughton 1999)
Publisher: Forlaget Keesing
Translator: Hans Christian Dahlerup Koch and Grethe Teglbjærg
Cover: Kjeld Brandt

Translation of back cover blurb:

James Bond has always had confrontations with formidable villains: Dr. No, Sir Hugo Drax, Blofield [sic], Goldfinger and not least the Soviet spy killer organization SMERSH. In "The World is Not Enough", the team of baddies is no less formidable. Here, Bond faces Ulrich Thomsen as the blonde Russian Davidov and the supervillain Renard who with a MI6 bullet lodged in his brain will do anything to overthrow the world.

The plot is revenge, world dominance, and oil. And M, who is hesitant in acknowledging MI6's own part in this game, sends Bond to Turkey and the Caucasus to protect the oil magnate Robert King's daughter Elektra after King perished in a bombing of MI6's very own headquarters.

This sets the scene for another life-threatening mission for Bond, plunging him into one spectacular chase after another, barely surviving a nuclear explosion in the Bosporus strait and culminating in a claustrophobic battle to the death.

A marvellously thrilling story in which Bond once more is going to need the gadgets from Q Section ...

"The most intense Bond film so far. Incredibly exciting to have been a part of it." – Ulrich Thomsen [Danish actor who plays the bit part of Davidov, ed.]

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