Bond•O•Rama Podcast 002: “Casino Royale in Concert” (2018)



Martin Campbell's James Bond 007 film "Casino Royale" from 2006 will be shown on large movie screens in five Danish concert halls from November 6 thru 10, 2018. Odense Symphony Orchestra is performing David Arnold's entire score live to picture at all five venues in Aalborg, Odense, Aarhus, Vejle, and Copenhagen.

In the second podcast from Bond•O• (the first primarily in English) we visit the first orchestra rehearsals at Odense Concert Hall and speak to the British guest conductor David Firman about James Bond music and the art of conducting "live to picture".

All music examples were recorded live at Carl Nielsen Salen, Odense Concert Hall on October 15, 2018. Music from "Casino Royale" composed by David Arnold. Podcast produced and edited by by Brian Iskov/James Bond•O•

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Ticket sales for "Casino Royale in Concert":
Aalborg Kongres og Kultur Center
ODEON Odense
Musikhuset Aarhus
Vejle Musikteater
Operaen København

UPDATE 2018.11.04: None other than David Arnold has added the following comment on our Twitter page:

"FYI the story about recording The Bond Theme at the end of CR isn’t correct. There may have been some chinese whispers over the years"

Thanks to David Firman, John Christoffersen (Christopher Entertainment), and Johannes Mandal (Have PR).

Odense Symphony Orchestra during rehearsals for "Casino Royale in Concert" in Carl Nielsen Salen • photo: Brian Iskov
Cue sheet from "Casino Royale in Concert" • photo: Brian Iskov
Brian Iskov from Bond•O• and conductor David Firman at Odense Concert Hall October 15, 2018 • photo: Brian Iskov

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