“Live and Let Die”: Danish souvenir programme (1973)


In December 1973, the Danish branch of United Artists released this 16-page souvenir programme in A6 format to mark the Danish cinema release of "Live and Let Die" (EON Productions 1973). The programme was distributed for free in selected cinemas during the film's theatrical run in Denmark (albeit without perforations).

The programme text touches upon Roger Moore's preparations for his first turn as James Bond 007 as well as the careers of the director, Guy Hamilton, and the other main actors, Jane Seymour (Solitaire) and Yaphet Kotto (Kananga/Mr Big). Among other subjects covered are the cult of voodoo, Ross Kananga's crocodile farm and kitesurfing.

Oddly, United Artists' Danish press department fails to mention that the main Bond girl in "Live and Let Die", Jane Seymour, had her first speaking part in a Danish film just three years earlier. At 19 years old, Seymour played the daughter of Danish actors Ebbe Rode and Helle Virkner in the English-language war drama "The Only Way" (Oktoberdage), shot in and around Copenhagen in 1970.

"The Only Way": Oscar winner Norman Wanstall ("Goldfinger") talks about his work on Jane Seymour's Danish film debut

Lev og lad dø - dansk filmprogram A
Lev og lad dø - dansk filmprogram B
Lev og lad dø - dansk filmprogram C
Lev og lad dø - dansk filmprogram D
Lev og lad dø - dansk filmprogram E
Lev og lad dø - dansk filmprogram F
Lev og lad dø - dansk filmprogram G
Lev og lad dø - dansk filmprogram H

The premiere programmes also included a coupon for a prize draw. Among the prizes were outboard boat motors, fog lights and Roger Moore's personal perfume brand from Fabergé:

Coupon scan courtesy of Kent Bovin.

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    • Brie says:

      Hello Simon, thank you for your comment. My sources in the Danish Bond community tell me that most of the souvenir programmes are not that hard to find second-hand. This ought to be the full list:
      Agent 007 Mission: drab (Dr No) – 2 variations: 12 pages/8 pages
      Agent 007 jages (FRWL)
      Agent 007 contra Goldfinger – 2 variations: 16 pages/8 pages
      Agent 007 i ilden (Thunderball)
      Agent 007 – du lever kun to gange (YOLT)
      James Bond 007 – Casino Royale
      Agent 007 i Hendes Majestæts hemmelige tjeneste (OHMSS)
      Diamanter varer evigt (DAF)
      Lev og lad dø (LALD) – 2 variations: red or white front cover
      Manden med den gyldne pistol (TMWTGG)
      Spionen der elskede mig (TSWLM)
      Agent 007 strengt fortroligt (FYEO)
      Agent 007 i skudlinien (AVTAK) – in A4 format and really more of a flyer than a programme
      Licence to Kill
      Best, Brian

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