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James Bond Agent 007 no. 1: “Casino Royale” (1965)



Author: Anthony Hearn (uncredited) after Ian Fleming's novel "Casino Royale" (1953)
Artist: John McLusky (uncredited)
Publisher: Interpresse A/S
Editor: Karin Jespersen
Cover art: Jordi Penalva
Format: 52 sider
Publishing date: 1965
First published in the UK: Daily Express 07.07.1958-13.12.1958
Danish reprint: 007 James Bond no. 56 as "Casino Royale"

Note: This was the first issue of the Danish "James Bond Agent 007" comic book, which was simultaneously co-published in Norway and Sweden.

66 issues, plus a one-off re-issue of the "Moonraker" comic adaptation, were published from 1965 to 1983. All issues except no. 65 contain newspaper strips from The Daily Express, edited and reformatted into portrait magazine format. The filler material is mostly Spanish-produced horror and detective comics (by Barton Art among others).

From 1983 to 1984, an additional seven issues were published in Denmark under the new title "James Bond". These issues featured newly produced James Bond material commissioned by Semic in Sweden.

"Højt spil i Monte Carlo" [High Stakes in Monte Carlo] (40 pages - newspaper strips reformatted to 17x26 cm magazine format)
James Bonds fjender: Le Chiffre [James Bond's enemies] (1 page text)
”Roy Allen: Kokainsmuglerne” ["Roy Allen" comic] (7 pages)
Black & white photo of Sean Connery (1 page)
Back cover: color photo of Sean Connery in "Goldfinger" (1 page)

Front page scan: Tom Andersen.

“Casino Royale”: Danish first edition (1959)


Casino Royale (Grafisk forlag 1959) forside

Casino Royale (1959)

Jan Fleming

Danish first edition
Casino Royale (Jonathan Cape 1953)
Publisher: Grafisk forlag
Translator: Grete Juel Jørgensen
Cover art: 
William Petersen

Ian Fleming's first James Bond novel was the third to be published in Danish. The author's byline on the cover has been danicized into "Jan Fleming".

Later editions:
● Banko for døden – James Bond ("Lommeromanen" nr. 425, Skrifola 1966)
● Casino Royale (Aschehoug 1984)
● Casino Royale (Aschehoug/Egmont 2006)
● Casino Royale (Rosenkilde & Bahnhof 2014)

Debbie McWilliams: Casting James Bond (interview, 2012)


Even though casting director Debbie (Deborah) McWilliams is one of the longest-standing members of EON Productions' Bond family, her media appearances have been few and far between.

Hence, it is my great pleasure to present this interview that I conducted in 2012 with the esteemed British casting director, who has cast every EON Bond film from "For Your Eyes Only" (1981) to "SPECTRE" (2015), with the America-based "Licence to Kill" (1989) being the only exception.

In the interview below, Debbie McWilliams discusses her casting of several Danish actors in the Bond series: Mads Mikkelsen, Jesper ChristensenUlrich Thomsen and Cecilie Thomsen.

McWilliams also offers her opinion on the durability of the James Bond character.

Debbie McWiliams (publicity photo, 2011)
Debbie McWiliams (publicity photo, 2011)

James Bond•O•Rama: So what's the secret? Why do you think James Bond has endured as a cultural icon for so long?

Debbie McWilliams: Bond is part of the blood stream. Any child, from the age when they can walk and talk, know him and make a hand like a gun, even if they haven't seen any of the films. It's inherited through our genetic system, quoted and referred to endlessly. My generation grew up with Bond, and younger generations take him for granted. He's sort of an unclassifiable hero, played by actors from different backgrounds, with different accents and hair colors. Also, he's a troubled hero. Even though we know he's going to win, he has a struggle that we like to watch. Finally, the films set a high standard. They always look good, whether the script is good or not. And even if the series has faltered from time to time, I think ”Skyfall” is gonna put it back up there again.

You've now been part of EON Productions' Bond family for more than 30 years, starting out on ”For Your Eyes Only” in 1981. This makes you one of the longest serving members of the Bond team along with producer Michael G.Wilson and production designer Peter Lamont!

Debbie McWilliams: Yes, I'm part of the furniture, as they say. The producers, Barbara and Michael, are very loyal to the people who work with them, and they've kept the family atmosphere on the Bond series. That all stems from Cubby [Albert R. Broccoli, co-producer of Eon's Bond series 1962-1974 and main producer 1977-1989; father of current co-producer Barbara Broccoli, stepfather of Michael G. Wilson, ed.]. He was fantastic, warm, always on the set, not shut away in his ivory tower. He threw parties, played jokes, cooked food for the actors and crew, and Barbara is much like that. They look after people. It's just the way they think people should be treated, and it produces good work.

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