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“Never Say Never Again”: Cartoons from the daily Information (1983)

Ahead of the Danish theatrical release of "Never Say Never Again" (Taliafilm 1983), in which 53-year-old Sean Connery made his comeback appearance as James Bond 007, the daily Information printed the following two cartoons created by British newspaper cartoonist Raymond Jackson ("JAK")  for The Evening Standard.

The first cartoon in which Connery is ridiculed for his advanced age in the Bond role is put in a different light today by "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny" which is currently (2023) showing in cinemas. Harrison Ford was 80 years old during the shooting of his farewell performance as the heroic action archeologist Indiana Jones. (By the way, Connery was only 12 years older than Ford when they played father and son respectively in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" (1989).

From Information, December 23, 1983:

NSNA Jak vittighedstegning 1 (Inf 23-12-1983)

The caption reads: "Sean Connery has finished a new 007 film at the age of 53: - Yes, but the wheelchair chase is supposed to be amazing!"

Fra Information 4. januar 1984:

NSNA Jak vittighedstegning 2 (Inf 04-01-1984)

Caption: "Children are not the only ones affected by violence in films: - Be nice to him. He always gets so aggressive after watching those horrible James Bond films".

With thanks to Isak Thorsen.

“Octopussy”: Danish teaser poster (1983)

"Octopussy" (1983) was released in Danish cinemas on August 15, 1983. This appears to have been the first time that United International Pictures' distribution office in Denmark produced a Danish teaser poster for an upcoming James Bond 007 film.

The Danish teaser poster for "Octopussy" was based on the American One Sheet Advance Poster (style A) painted by Dan Goozee with multiple Roger Moores marking the 13th of EON Productions' James Bond 007 films. The logline literally says: "Nobody does it better... for the 13th time."

Octopussy DK teaser

“Never Say Never Again”: From Denmark with Love (1983)

The Danish contribution to "Never Say Never Again" (1983) is rather modest: Upon arriving at the Nice Côte d'Azur for an appointment with his French contact Nicole (Saskia Cohen-Tanugi), James Bond 007 (Sean Connery) walks past a Scandinavian Airlines desk.
Time code (Blu-ray): 00.56:59-00.57:17

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“James Bond Festival”: Magazine ad for VHS rental cassettes (1983)

In 1983 Metronome Video inserted this advert in Danish weekly magazines to announce the fact that seven of the EON James Bond 007 films were available as VHS rental cassettes in Denmark.

The Bond films were not issued on VHS in chronological order. By 1983, the rental series included Sean Connery's first three Bond films as well as the two first and (at the time) two latest with Roger Moore.

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Bond-festival annonce leje-vhs

Materials courtesy of Isak Thorsen.