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James Bond Agent 007 no. 2: “Contra Goldfinger” (Interpresse 1965)


JB007 DK nr 2 near mint

Author: Henry Gammidge (uncredited) based on Ian Fleming's novel "Goldfinger" (1959)
Artist: John McLusky (uncredited)
Publisher: A/S Interpresse
Editor: Karin Jespersen
Cover art: (uncredited)
Format: 52 pages
Publishing date: 1965
First published in the UK: Daily Express 03.10.1960-01.04.1961
Danish reprint: 007 James Bond no. 57

"Contra Goldfinger" (37 pages - newspaper strips reformatted to 17x26 cm magazine format)
"Fra filmen James Bonds fjender" ["From the movie James Bond's enemies"] (1 page text)
”Roy Allen: Tågernes stemme” ["Roy Allen" comic] (11 pages)
Back cover: color photo of Sean Connery in "Goldfinger" (1 page)

Thanks to Carsten Olsen.

“Goldfinger”: Danish first edition (1961)


 Døden må vente (Goldfinger, Grafisk forlag 1961)

Døden må vente (1961)

Jan Fleming

Danish first edition
Goldfinger (Jonathan Cape 1959)
Publisher: Grafisk forlag
Translator: Grete Juel Jørgensen
Cover art: 
William Petersen

Ian Fleming's seventh James Bond novel was the fifth to be published in Danish. The title roughly translates as "Death can wait".

The author's byline on the cover has been danicized into "Jan Fleming".

Later editions:
● Agent 007 contra Goldfinger ("G-bog" no. 56, Grafisk forlag 1965)
● Agent 007 contra Goldfinger ("G-bog" no. 56, Grafisk forlag 1967)
● Goldfinger (Forlaget Forum 2002 - new translation)
● Goldfinger (Rosenkilde & Bahnhof 2014)