“No Time to Die”: Danish retail videos (2021)

On Friday January 7, 2022, SF Studios are releasing "No Time to Die" on home video in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. The 25th Bond film from EON Productions will be available on DVD, Blu-ray, 4K Ultra HD and VOD (Video On Demand).

None of the releases by SF Studios contain any of the bonus materials for "No Time to Die" even though these are included in most other territories. The SF Studios office in Denmark claims that the masters provided for the Nordic countries by MGM did not include any of the extras.

If you choose to purchase an British, German or Italian release of "No Time to Die", the following four featurettes are included on the discs:
"Anatomy of a Scene: Matera" (11:32)
"Keeping It Real: The Action of No Time to Die" (6:15)
"A Global Journey" (7:50)
"Designing Bond" (11:04)

4K Ultra HD editions in other territories also include the 46-minute documentary "Being James Bond" which was briefly available as a free VOD title on iTunes during the autumn of 2021.

Furthermore, the Scandic Blu-ray editions of "No Time to Die" only include the Dolby 5.1 soundtrack as opposed to the foreign editions which have Dolby Atmos and/or Dolby TrueHD 7.1. According to SF Studios, this oversight was also due to MGM not providing any 7.1 soundtracks for the Nordic release. (The Atmos soundtrack is however included on the Nordic 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray).

"No Time to Die" bonus materials in other territories (external link to dvdcompare.net)

Nordic DVD:

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“Casino Royale” (1967): Danish publicity brochure

The Danish distribution branch of Columbia released "James Bond 007 - Casino Royale" in Danish cinemas on December 21, 1967. The release was accompanied by this handsomely produced leaflet, even though the names of producer Charles K. Feldman and original author Ian Fleming are both misspelled in the printed credits.

The bold slogans in the pink boxes roughly translates as "Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress, David Niven and 14 other world stars in fantastic parts!" "Elegant and witty - you won't believe a thing before you've seen it with your own eyes! Incredible events at racing speed".


“On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” in Danish Reader’s Digest (1967)

On April 3, 1967 the Danish branch of Reader's Digest published a volume of "Det Bedstes bøger" featuring an abridged version of Ian Fleming's James Bond novel "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". The text, running 127 pages, utilized Rita Damm's translation from the Danish first and third edition (issued by Skrifola, 1965 and Rosenkilde & Bahnhof, 2012).  Also featured were four illustrations by Ulrik Schramm, pictured below, and a short biography of Ian Fleming.

Happy holidays from James Bond•O•Rama.dk to all our foreign readers.

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“Goldfinger” (1964): From Denmark with Love

In this blog series James Bond•O•Rama.dk will attempt to cover every connection to Denmark seen on-screen in the James Bond 007 film series. If you spot a detail that we have missed, please fill us in!

● Shortly before Oddjob (Harold Sakata) knocks out James Bond (Sean Connery) with a karate chop, Bond opens the fridge at Hotel Fontainebleau to get a suitably chilled bottle of Dom Perignon '53 for himself and Jill Masterson (Shirley Eaton). The fridge also contains four golden cans of Danish Carlsberg beer as well as a green can placed upside down.
Time code (Blu-ray): 15 minutes 56 seconds. 

● As James Bond is saying goodbye to Tilly Masterson (Tania Mallet) at a Swiss gas station, the Danish flag is waving in the wind on the opposite side of the road. Thanks to flag spotter extraordinaire Rikart Købke for noticing this detail.
Time code (Blu-ray): 40 minutes. 

Danish connections in "Dr. No" (1962)
Danish connections in "From Russia with Love" (1963)