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Exclusive interview: George Lazenby discusses his film career, part 2 (2016)

James Bond•O•Rama.dk got an exclusive one-on-one interview with George Lazenby, when the 76-year old former 007 star visited Oslo in Norway on Thursday 1 September 2016.

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George Lazenby i David Mason-smoking på The Thief, Oslo 01.09.2016 - foto © Brian Iskov
George Lazenby in a Mason & Sons tuxedo at The Thief, Oslo 01.09.2016 - photo © Brian Iskov

While in Oslo, George Lazenby was the guest of honor at a 4K gala screening of his only performance as James Bond 007, ”On Her Majesty's Secret Service”. This marked the first time since the film's world premiere in 1969 that George Lazenby sat through the film from beginning to end. When he was asked afterwards what it felt like watching his 29-year old self playing James Bond on the cinema screen, Lazenby promptly responded:

”I wish I had done it better!”



By Brian Iskov, Oslo 01.09.2016

Bond•O•Rama (Brian Iskov): ”On Her Majesty's Secret Service” is my favorite James Bond film.
George Lazenby: Well, you have good taste.
Bond•O•Rama: But you have 60 other credits in your filmography that people rarely talk about.
George Lazenby: Oh yeah. They never talk about 'em.
Bond•O•Rama: So I thought that's what we're gonna do.
George Lazenby: Oh, if I remember them.

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“Untitled Ian Fleming biopic”: Screenwriter Matthew Brown on his script (2015)

Today marks the 108th anniversary of Ian Fleming's birthday. But the long-awaited, untitled Fleming biopic, based on Andrew Lycett's 2009 biography "Ian Fleming: The Man Behind James Bond", still seems to be stuck in development hell.

Ian Fleming Andrew Lycett

Last autumn, James Bond•O•Rama caught up with the screenwriter of the Fleming biopic, Matthew Brown, at the Toronto Film Festival to enquire about the project.

Matthew Brown, who premiered his self-directed period piece "The Man Who Knew Infinity" at the festival, knew next to nothing about the current status of the Ian Fleming biopic.

Official trailer for Matthew Browns "The Man Who Knew Infinity" (2015)

Asked about his take on the James Bond author, Matthew Brown coyly answered:

"I think he's a fascinating, complex man, that ... ehm ... Fascinating and complex. I'll leave it at that."

Matt Brown went on to share a few details about his screenplay for the Ian Fleming biopic:

"You know, it was set during World War II, primarily when he met with [admiral John] Godfrey and sort of put his talents to use. That's what that focused on. It was a fun script, I was really excited when Duncan [Jones] came on board [as director]. Maybe he'll come back, I don't know, after this or not. But that was one of my favourite scripts that I'd written. I wouldn't mind directing that one, actually!"

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“Octopussy and The Living Daylights”: Danish first edition (1966)



100.000 er budt – James Bond (1967)

Ian Fleming

Danish first edition
Octopussy and The Living Daylights (Jonathan Cape 1966)
Publisher: Skrifola (Lommeromanen no. 451)
Translator: Rita Damm
Cover design: 

Ian Fleming's fourteenth James Bond book (his second collection of short stories) was the fourteenth to be published in Danish.

The short story "Snigskytten" (The Living Daylights) was reprinted separately in Danish as part of the anthology "Kisten og andre historier om gys og giftmord" (Lademann 1970).

Contains the short stories:
"Var det selvmord?" [= Was it suicide?] (Octopussy)
"100.000 er budt" [= The bid is 100.000] (The Property of a Lady)
"Snigskytten" [= The sniper] (The Living Daylights)

Later editions:
● Octopussy (Rosenkilde & Bahnhof 2014) - includes the short story "007 i New York" (007 in New York)

“For Your Eyes Only”: Danish first edition (1966)


Strengt fortroligt - James Bond (Skrifola 1966)

Strengt fortroligt – James Bond (1966)

Ian Fleming

Danish first edition
For Your Eyes Only (Jonathan Cape 1960)
Publisher: Skrifola (Lommeromanen no. 428)
Translator: Rita Damm
Cover design: 

Ian Fleming's eighth James Bond book (his first collection of short stories) was the thirteenth to be published in Danish.

Note: As was the case with Rita Damm's translation of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", the Danish edition of "For Your Eyes Only" is somewhat shortened, although there is no mention of this anywhere in the book.

The short story "From a View to a Kill" was first published in Danish in the anthology "Nye kriminalhistorier fra hele verdenen" (Omnibusbøgerne 1960) as "Med udsigt til mord" (a literal translation of the original title). The 1960 version was faithfully translated from the English original by Karen Melsted. An abridged edition of the anthology was published by Carit Andersens Forlag as part of the Lommebusserne series in 1969.

Contains the short stories:
"Spioner i vinterhi" [= Spies in hibernation] (From a View to a Kill)
"Strengt fortroligt" (For Your Eyes Only)
"Fortrøstningens kvanteteori" (Quantum of Solace)
"Risiko" (Risico)
"Hildebrand-varianten" (The Hildebrand Rarity)

Later editions:
● Strengt fortroligt (Rosenkilde & Bahnhof 2014)