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“Diamonds are Forever”: Danish VHS cover (1983)

"Diamonds are Forever" (EON 1971) was among the first James Bond 007 films to be released on home video in Denmark in 1983. The front cover for the rental VHS issued by Metronome Video was based on Robert McGinnis' artwork for the original theatrical poster.

The back cover blurb includes the little-known fact that Bond girl Jill St. John's race-car driving ex-husband Lawrence "Lance" Reventlow was of noble Danish-German heritage (although he assumed the title of count and not baron as stated in the text).

The Danish re-release poster for "Diamanter varer evigt"

Scan courtesy of Hans-Jørn Reimer.

“On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”: Danish VHS cover (1986)

In 1983  Warner Home Video began releasing the James Bond 007 films on rental video (VHS) in Danmark through local distributor Metronome Video A/S.

The VHS cover below is for the first Danish rental of "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" (EON 1969) released in 1986. The front cover is adapted from Yves Thos' artwork that was utilized in  the German theatrical campaign in December 1969. The Danish theatrical poster was based on the US one sheet in which the face of the new Bond actor, George Lazenby, was obscured.

See the Danish cinema posters for "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"

Note the slight change in the Danish title from "Agent 007 i Hendes Majestæts hemmelige tjeneste" to "James Bond 007 i Hendes Majestæts hemmelige tjeneste" as well as the misspelling of Diana Rigg in the back cover blurb.

James Bond 007 i Hendes Majestæts hemmelige tjeneste: Dansk videoomslag (1986)

Scan courtesy of Hans-Jørn Reimer.